A Domain Backorder is a service that helps you to acquire a domain name that is currently registered, the very moment it becomes available again. Our powerful automatic domain monitoring system will attempt to register it for you as soon as it drops, as long as the current registrant does not renew it again. It’s no-win, no-fee, so if in the rare instance that you do miss out on getting the domain name, you can keep the backorder open in anticipation for when it’s next available, or cancel the backorder free of charge. This is your chance to get that sought-after domain name that you might have missed out in the past!

Creating a Backorder is FREE - you will be only be charged if we are successful in aquiring the domain for you.


 You will only have to pay if we are successful. A backorder costs £29.99 which includes the domain registration.
  A backorder will only be placed if you have sufficient available funds on your account.

Simply go to https://my.netcetera.co.uk/index.php?m=ispapibackorder&p=dropdomains  and search for the domains you wish to register - then press 'Backorder'



You can backorder as many domains as you wish. Domains will only be switched to active if you have sufficient available funds. Domains are switched to active in the last three days before deletion. Your available funds will then be debited.

An auction only takes place if a domain has been successfully secured and there is more than one full backorder from customers.

You can top-up your credit balance via your client area - under Billing ---> Add Funds or click HERE


You simply need to go HERE and select the nearest date available - which is usually the next day.