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Create a video of the problem.

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To assure fastest response and avoid tickets becoming stalled or delayed, always provide as much detail as you can about an issue, including any changes you may have recently made to your services or even your local computer (in case of access issues), even if they don't seem relevant. Provide any necessary special directions to access your account.
If you feel a ticket is not being handled promptly, a reply to the ticket is a valid way to request attention. You can also create a video share replicating the problem at your end. The video guide will help support technician to understand the exact problem. You need to access the following link on your local machine.

1. Click on the Red icon on bottom left corner.
2. Select the “Record Screen” button.
3. Replicate the steps to generate the problem/error.
4. Stop the recording.
5. On the screen share link, enter your registered email address and Ticket number.

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