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How can I forward emails to a specific email address automatically?

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You can define an email address to send all incoming emails to automatically.
First, login to the OX App Suite via
Click the settings cog button and select “Mail” on the left side.
Click "Auto Forward" on the right and type in the email address to which you wish to forward emails.
fe97960f678a5252704ddb20db9e28835dddfccd?t=ca24db6830d2822fea6d9b55b5876d48 To keep a copy of incoming emails in OX App Suite, tick the box next to “Keep a copy of the forwarded email”. If you do not tick this box, you will not find incoming emails in your OX App Suite email inbox. Instead they will only be forwarded to the other email account.
771f546ab90c2aee8b859e2cd3419d5f632c16e4?t=b208aabb1a3eaa1aa4118ccd67dc25ca When you are done click “Apply changes”.

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