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Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts

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To easily configure a mail client using an automatic configuration script, perform the following steps:

1. Locate the mail client you will be using in the Application section of the Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts section. If you do not see your mail client, you will need to manually configure it instead.
2. Select your mail client application’s script from the Protocols list next to your mail client. A new window will appear with instructions.
3. Review the system’s instructions, then click Proceed to continue. The system will then attempt to download the script. If it prompts you to open, run, or save the file, select Run or Open to continue.
4. The system may ask if you are sure you want to install the file. Select Continue or Yes to continue the installation.
5. The system may prompt you for the email account’s password. Enter the password and click Install.
6. When you complete the process, your mail client will open and log in to your email account.

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