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Restoring Files
Posted by Peter (Netcetera) on 26 May 2009 11:32 AM
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Restoring Files

Follow the instructions below to Restore files within the Netcetera CDP Backup System.

1. Open the Web browser connecting to the CDP Backup Web Interface and log in.

2. Click on the "Hosts" tab in the Main Menu to access the "Hosts" page.

The "Hosts" page typically loads automatically after you log in.

3. Select the Host by clicking on the appropriate Host Name link in the "Host Name" column. Or you can click on the corresponding "Open" link under "Actions".

4. Click on the "Browse" tab to access the Disk Safe Browser.

5. The Disk Safe Browser opens. All of your Disk Safes will be listed on the right side of the page.

6. Select a Disk Safe from the file system tree on the left.

7. Select a Device from the file system tree on the left.

8. Select a Recovery Disk Image from the file system tree on the left to begin Restoring files.

9. Select any combination of files and directories from the file system tree on the left.

10. When you are finished selecting the files and directories, click on "Restore Selected Files".

11. The following settings are available when Restoring files:

  • Save Task - Select this check box to save the Task in the Task Scheduler.
  • Enabled - Select this check box to enable the File Restore.
  • Description - Enter a name you can use to recognize this Task apart from other scheduled Tasks.
  • Recurrence - Define the schedule and frequency for the new Restore Task (Now, Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly). If you want to run a Restore immediately, leave "Now" as the default setting.

Restore Files Task Options:

  • Overwrite Existing Files - When enabled, any existing files or directories with the same name will be overwritten even if they are newer.
  • Encrypt file data over network - Encrypts all data in an encrypted tunnel over the network during the Restore. This option is enabled by default. Disabling this option can provide a small speed increase to File Restores.
  • Restore to Alternate Location - Specify a path on the Host to Restore the files to. The complete path and directory structure of all selected files will be created under the path specified here. If the specified path does not exist, it will be created.
  • Restore to Alternate Host - Select an Alternate Host to Restore the files to. Select the Host from the drop-down menu of another Host you have Admin rights on. Alternatively, you can enter the Host Name or IP Address of the Alternate Host. The Host must be running the Netcetera CDP Agent and be configured to accept requests from the CDP Server.
    If the Alternate Host is specified using the text field, the Host's CDP Agent of the Host must be in Disaster Recovery Mode..
  • Selected Device
  • Selected Disk Safe
  • Selected Recovery Point

12. Click on "OK" to save the Restore Files Task settings.

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