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goMobi Features
Posted by Phil (Netcetera) on 09 November 2012 01:59 PM

goMobi Features

goMobi is a feature-rich mobile website solution. The goMobi platform includes all of the following features:

Easy to use


Create a great mobile website with ease. goMobi features simple and stress-free content editing, using a friendly WYSIWYG site editor.

Fully customizable


Upload your company logo and icons, choose colors, themes and text to suit your brand or to match an existing website.

Works with your site


goMobi directs between desktop and mobile sites according to the device that requests access to the website’s server.

Social media included


Communicate your brand through social media channels – goMobi integrates with Facebook, Twitter and more.

Add an image gallery


Publish high quality images to your goMobi mobile website using the image gallery function.

With Google Maps


Add multiple locations and show locations on a map using the built-in Google maps plug-in.

Includes full analytics


With the dedicated Analytics tool, you can easily profile and analyze traffic accessing the mobile site.

Create a QR code flyer


Easily connect mobile and print marketing campaigns with the QR code flyer feature to direct visitors to the goMobi site.

Full site transcoding


Content from a standard website can be adapted seamlessly thanks to a the built-in mobile transcoding solution.



Feature and sell products or service directly from the mobile site with new ecommerce features. Fully integrated with Google Checkout and PayPal.

Check-in ready


Check in with goMobi support for popular location-based services including foursquare, Facebook Places, Google Places, Yelp, Gowalla and more.

Works on any device


goMobi sites can be viewed flawlessly across thousands of mobile devices, including smartphones and non-smartphones thanks to dotMobi's DeviceAtlas detection capabilities.

Even More Features

  • Site owners can create sites with many types of content, including:

    • About us: create a custom page to tell visitors about your business.
    • Hours of operation: let mobile users know the hours of operation, and based on current time and location, whether the business is open
    • Products and Services: build product pages with images and even the ability to purchase right from the mobile device.
    • RSS news feed: add news or information feeds from other sites using RSS.
    • Blog: import your blog content in a mobile-ready format.
    • Other content: create additional pages with custom content.
  • Automatic site creation

    goMobi can automatically scrape content off an existing site to create a mobile version of a website in less than five minutes.

  • Site owners can add any of the following tools to allow customers to interact with their business:

    • Call Us: add a click-to-call button that lets mobile users call the business directly
    • Find Us: add up to 3 locations, integrated with Google Maps and GPS directions
    • Call me back/Leave a message: allows mobile users to request a call-back or leave a message
    • Request reservation/appointment: let customers request a reservation or appointment right from the mobile site.
    • Tell-a-friend: lets mobile users send an SMS directly from the site to refer friends
    • Coupons: add up to 3 'special offers' specifically for mobile users
  • Site Manager localization

    The goMobi Manager interface to is available in seven languages — English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.

  • Site translation

    goMobi allows users to select from one of seven languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese) to have icon text labels translated automatically

    Additionally, the "Site Translation" icon allows visitors to the goMobi website to view a version of the goMobi site translated using a third-party web-based translation tool

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