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How do I create a virtual server on my dedicated server?
Posted by Phil (Netcetera) on 07 January 2008 02:12 PM
You will need to Remote Desktop to your server.

Creating the virtual server

Gain access to the server via PC Anywhere (if supported on the server) or Remote Desktop.

1.Open IIS (Internet Information Services)

2.If the dedicated server is running Windows 2000 (and IIS5) Right click on Inetc*** (*** being your server number). If the machine is Windows 2003 running IIS6, expand this by clicking the + symbol to the left and right click Web Sites

3.In the menu that then appears after a short wait, select NEW|Web Site

4.Click next, then fill in the box with what you wish the entry to be called (usually your domain name e.g

5.Click next, then select the ip address of your server from the drop down menu and fill in your domain name (no www.) leave the port on 80

6.Click next, enter the path where the root directory of your website is.

7.Click next, next, then finish

8.This will then create the virtual server in your IIS console.

Configuring on the virtual server

1.Right click on the virtual server you have just created then click properties

2.In the section where the ip address is displayed there is an advanced tab, click that

3.Click the add button and select your ip address and add your domain name, this time with the www. And click ok

4.Click on the 'Directory Security' tab and click on the top edit button

5.Make sure that only the top two boxes have a tick in them, the last one should be empty

6.If you require stats in the 'Web Site' tab click on the properties tab at the bottom and at the bottom of that window and make a note of the W3SVC** number, you will need to request dedicated stats for this and we require that number

7.Add the DNS entry via your control panel then browse to the site to check if it's online.

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