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I cannot connect to the SQL instance on my dedicated server.
Posted by Phil (Netcetera) on 07 January 2008 02:14 PM
1) Make sure that the server can telnet to localhost on port 1433 by typing “telnet localhost 1433”, if you fail connect, check that TCP/IP is enabled. If the firewall is preventing access to the port, follow through the rest below.

2) RDC to server and Login to netscreen in web browser, go to Objects – Services - Custom

3) Click “New” at the top set Service Name as “MSSQL”,

4) Click on “TCP” on row 1

5) Leave Source Ports as Low 0 High 65535, set Destination Ports to 1433-1433 and click OK at the bottom

6) Go to policies, select Untrust on the left under “From”, select Trust on the right under “To”, click on “New”

7) Set the name as something like “Allow MSSQL”. For Source Address choose “ANY”, for Destination Address choose “ANY”

8) For Service select your new custom object (MSSQL in this example)

9) Set action to Permit and press OK

10) The rule likely appears BELOW the ANY ANY DENY rule. If this is the case the new rule needs to be ABOVE, and the easiest way is to move the DENY rule to the bottom. Click on the blue arrow to the far right that points rightwards, next to the ANY ANY DENY rule. The screen will then have arrows that point to the lines deviding each rule. Click on the arrow that is right at the bottom to move the rule.

11) Test the connect out, you should be able to connect to port 1433 and see a blank screen
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