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Grab a Great Deal on a Dedicated Server
Posted by David on 23 September 2015 03:19 PM

If you’re looking for a way to improve your business’s efficiency take advantage of this fantastic Dedicated Server Offer!

pattern 3100QC 2

With 8 GB RAM, Intel Quad-Core Xeon 3.1 Ghz processor, 2 x 1TB HDDs and a choice of Windows or Linux Operating System – all at an unbeatable price of £65.00 per month with a one off £99.00 setup fee – there’s nothing to hold you back!

All this is now available on a simple 12 month contract from Netcetera backed up by our unrivalled 24/7 UK based technical support team.

Limited Stock – so grab yourself the deal of the year and take your business to the next level.

Order Now

Questions? Let us help!

To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please fill out our Enquiry Form or call 0800 808 5450 or click our Live Chat

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Manage Your Services via Netcetera’s Client Area
Posted by Stephen on 10 August 2015 12:58 PM

Netcetera provides an easy and condensed approach when it comes to managing your purchased services via the Client Area. Here is how to login:

The Client Area allows you to do the following:

  • Manage personal details
  • View and Manage your current services with Netcetera
  • Purchase additional services
  • Manage payments
  • Support system – Speak to a member of the support team
  • Keep up to date with Netcetera’s news feed

Click the link bellow to log into our client area and start managing your services.

Netcetera Client Area


To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please call 0800 808 5450

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Special Offer on the 3100QC Dedicated Server
Posted by David on 15 May 2012 10:33 AM

We are delighted to announce that Netcetera has launched a special offer on the 3100QC Dedicated Server where you can either SAVE 25% or Double the RAM for life.

The 3100QC is a State of the Art Dedicated Server Solution, comprising the latest DELL Servers with Intel Quad-Core Xeon Processor, 4GB RAM, 2 x 1TB Hard Drives in a RAID1  configuration with M100 Server Management.

The benefits of the 3100QC Dedicated Server are:

  • Powerful Machine
  • Large Hard Drives
  • Upgradeable RAM up to 16GB
  • Free SmarterBundle Professional Edition

With this great offer you pay only £112.50/pm instead of £150/pm or receive additional RAM to the value of £48/pm.

To avail of this offer, please contact our Sales Team to receive the Promotional Code to use at the checkout.

 Hurry up, this offer ends 31/05/2012

Questions? Let us help!

To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please fill out our Enquiry Form or call 0800 061 2801 or click our Live Chat

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What is Managed Hosting?
Posted by David on 13 January 2012 10:41 AM

This question is often asked by both newcomers and seasoned professionals, alike .  The ambiguity lies more in the Hosting providers ability to deliver additional managed services, than with its unclear definition.

Simply put, Managed hosting is a form of Dedicated hosting, where a hosting company undertakes the upkeep and management of a server (normally a Dedicated Server), its operating system and a number of critical applications which allow it to serve webpages or function within its core role, typically a web Server Hosting a website. The servers and devices are owned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hosting provider and leased by a single client only. Unlike standard Dedicated Hosting, the ISP manages the day-to-day management of hardware, operating systems and standardized applications

Typically built into Managed Hosting are technical services such as hardware and software setup and configuration, maintenance, hardware replacement, technical support, patching, updating and monitoring. Also available, usually at additional cost, are advanced services like vulnerability scans, DDoS attack mitigation, data backups, load balancing, firewalls, intrusion detection and more

Ideally when selecting your Managed Hosting provider, you should be sure that they are someone you can trust and have a good relationship with.  Three of the most important benchmarks to consider for managed hosting companies are:


Most companies now have this under control, but it’s always important to check up.  Reliability usually applies to their network and connectivity.  At Netcetera, we guarantee that our network will be available 99.9% of the time. Many companies offer this but not many have gone to the extent of having a fully Gigabit switched network, Multiple separate backbone providers, redundant routers and fibre coming in at multiple points to the building.


The responsiveness of the support team as well as their technical ability are also critical factors.  Netcetera’s award winning Support Team are available 24/7 and are committed to helping individuals and businesses get the most out of our hosting service.


Hardware is also an important factor in performance and Netcetera’s range of Virtual and Dedicated Servers offers reliability, power and independent management, from an easy to manage control panel. Various packages are available to suit all businesses.

Netcetera offers a full range of hosting options, depending on your organization’s needs. Whether you’re launching the next hit blog or creating an online shopping empire, Netcetera’s range of Managed Hosting options cater to your needs. We are perfect if you’re promoting a new business venture, launching a full e-commerce shop, blog or small business portal. Our UK based hosting packages can help create a professional backbone for your online business.

To find out more about Netcetera’s innovative products, contact our friendly Sales Team.

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Why is PCI Compliance so Important?
Posted by David on 02 November 2011 10:20 AM

When it comes to electronic payments, Web-based threats, attacks and crimes are escalating. To combat this, the Payment Card Industry has created the Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for all companies that process or store credit card data. These standards enhance payment account security and protect cardholder data.

Companies that are not PCI compliant, even those that process very few transactions, have a lot to lose, and those costs continue to rise. In addition to fines, they can be prohibited from accepting credit cards in the future and suffer major loss.

When working towards compliance, there are a couple of options to consider before taking your decision:

Code review
This often entails various procedures. Applications should be reviewed by an organization specializing in security. If you opt for this method, your internal IT team must prepare the code for review, and be available for queries and support. Once vulnerabilities are identified they should be corrected, and when that is completed the application is tested and re-evaluated. Then fix and test cycles are scheduled on an ongoing basis.

Code review doesn’t always find all vulnerabilities, such as those unknown to the reviewer at that time. And the application must be re-tested frequently, including with each code change. This is often extremely costly, can result in production outages, manual validation and elimination of false findings, data ownership issues and more. When third party software is used, you don’t own the code and can’t fix it without breaking the licensing agreement.

dotDefender application firewall
This is a more consistent, less costly and more reliable unlike code review, it:

  • Provides an ongoing compliance solution that protects your website and Web service, even as updates and changes in code are made
  • Protects against vulnerabilities, instead of simply identifying them
  • Requires no development effort
  • Is suitable for third party applications and components
  • Causes little to no interference with business processes
  • Proves and documents corrected vulnerabilities
  • Has minimal impact on website response times
  • Performs a deep packet inspection of incoming traffic, creating a security layer in front of all Web applications

Ease of Use

dotDefender features comprehensive protection, along with remarkable ease of use. A Web administrator with no security training can have dotDefender up and running in minutes with just a few clicks. This out-of-the box protection is easily managed through a browser-based interface with virtually no impact on server or website performance.
dotDefender runs independently of other server applications, which allows for zero downstream maintenance for typical server changes.

Netcetera are very pleased to be able to offer dotDefender which not only provides comprehensive compliance, but also exceptional value to application owners and users. Being completely software based, dotDefender works with any web application, boasts a low TCO, and has minimal ongoing costs.

As your online business grows, you can rest assured that dotDefender has you covered with no expensive hardware upgrades or costly application integrations. dotDefender has no noticeable effect on web server resources, giving you enterprise-class protection with no degradation in performance, and prices range from are £55/pm per server for Dedicated Servers and £20/pm per server for Vmachines.  To test drive dotDefender today, contact Netcetera’s friendly Sales Team and take advantage of our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.


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The great Harrods Gift Card Giveaway
Posted by David on 26 May 2011 09:30 AM

Netcetera is giving away a FREE £50 Harrods Gift Card with the purchase of any Dedicated Server!

There are only 20 Gift Cards available, so don’t miss the opportunity to receive this fantastic offer with your purchase.

Netcetera Dedicated Servers Harrods Gift Card

Our new range of Quad-Core Dedicated Servers comprise the latest DELL R210 Servers with Intel Quad-Core Xeon Processors with up to 16GB of RAM2 x Hard Drives in a RAID 1 configuration coupled with a choice of server management from our award winning 24/7 Support Team.

Various servers are available to suit all businesses, and prices start from as little as £60/pm for the 2200DC Server,  all with no setup fees.

Find out more at or feel free to contact our friendly and helpful sales team.

Terms: Offer valid for new Netcetera customers ordering Dedicated Servers only. Offer starts 24/05/2011 and is limited to  first 20 orders. Gift Card can be spent at Harrods Store or online at

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