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Netcetera, one of Europe’s leading managed hosting and data center providers has partnered with Fireblade to deliver improved website security and performance to its clients. As a leading SaaS providing uncompromising and affordable security, speed and website monitoring solutions for both enterprise and SMB websites, Fireblade has proven over the years to effectively secure and protect its end users’ online assets.

dashboard_viewThanks to Fireblade’s strategic partnership with EdgeCast, Netcetera customers can now enjoy an unmatched website performance optimization of a Tier-1 CDN with 30 global points of presence (PoPs). Combined with an improved availability and threat mitigation through Fireblade’s advanced DDoS protection and additional protection against spam, brute force attacks and intrusion prevention, Netcetera customers receive a winning ace solution for their website. In addition, Fireblade prides itself on real-time monitoring which enables. Netcetera customers to monitor website performance and threat mitigation statuses. Through the combination of Netcetera’s mature web hosting service and Fireblade’s experience in protecting websites from imminent threats, customers will enjoy an improved quality of service.

Shay Rapaport, CEO of Fireblade, comments, “We are happy to collaborate with a proven and innovative hosting provider such as Netcetera and are excited to provide value driven solutions for their customers that will offer a great deal of peace of mind. We anticipate that this partnership will flourish since our product offerings, experience and our beliefs in providing a safe and functional environment for webmasters and their customers are complimentary.

We’re thrilled to partner with Fireblade to offer a powerful suite of web security features that will not only improve the value of our existing services but also create a safer, robust and more secure platform for our customers to operate their websites and other web implementations. Impressive website experiences, improved quality of traffic and reduced bounce rates are all tangible results that customers gain from such a strong partnership and product offering” said Peter Skelton, CEO of Netcetera.

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