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Add Email Accounts In Plesk Panel

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  • 19/09/2020 6:16 AM

1. Go to Mail Accounts under the Plesk control panel and then click Create Email Address.
2. Specify the following mailbox settings:
a. Email address.
b. Can be used to log in to Plesk. Select this option if you want Plesk to create an additional user for the mail account owner. By default, this user has the role Application user.
c. External email address.
d. Password.
e. Mailbox.
If you leave the option Mailbox selected, specify the mailbox size or use the default size defined as per the service plan.
Turning off this option makes sense only if you want to use this address as a mail forwarder, which will forward all incoming mail to another address.

f. The maximum number of outgoing email messages. This setting is displayed only if the limitations on outgoing mail are switched on by your hosting provider.
g. Description in Plesk.

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