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Changing your IPS Tag through Nominet

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Is your previous domain name company looking to charge you to leave? Or perhaps you cannot login to your domain registrar? or are they being slow in changing the IPSTAG to NETC ?

In which case you may wish to go direct to Nominet. Nominet is the governing body who looks after all .UK domain names behind the scenes. This guide is intended to help those who have domain names registered elsewhere (not at 

If for example you registered your domain name at CompanyXY and you are trying to transfer your domain name away from them to us but they are saying they charge a high fee to transfer your domain away, you do not have to pay that fee, it should be free to transfer a .UK domain names (we do not charge for moving .UK domains in or out of our company). If you are not happy about paying CompanyXYZ to move your domain name away then there is an alternative route: you can go direct to Nominet and change your IPS Tag directly with them, they do still charge but will be around £10 which may be substantially cheaper than what your previous Domain Registrar company is quoting or could be a quicker way of having the IPS Tag updated!

If you would like to change your IPS Tag via Nominet simply visit:

- Click the First time logging in or forgotten your password? link on their page.

- Enter the email address that is associated to your domain name. This has to be the email address that was used when you first registered your domain name.

Nominet will then send that address an email containing a password to login to their system, login to their control panel and you will be able to manage all of your .UK domain names from there. From that control panel you will see an option to change the IPS Tag for your domain name, please follow their instructions, as mentioned they will charge a small fee in order to do that.

If you would like to transfer your domain name to us then you will need to update your IPS Tag to be: NETC

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