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Changing PHP settings

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You can change various PHP settings such as to enable and disable PHP extensions, as well as configuration directives such as allow_url_fopen, error_log, and many more. To change your PHP settings, follow these steps:

1. Log in to cPanel.
2. In the SOFTWARE section of the cPanel home screen, click Select PHP Version:
3. Select which extensions you want to enable for the current PHP version:
-To enable an extension, select the checkbox next to the extension name.
-To disable an extension, clear the checkbox next to the extension name.
-Selections are saved automatically.
4. To change settings for the current PHP version:
-Near the top of the page, click the Options tab.
-Click the value next to the setting that you want to modify.
-Depending on the type of setting, a list box may appear with predefined settings that you can choose. Or, a text box may appear so you can type the value
-Changes are saved automatically and take effect immediately.

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