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How To Install WordPress Using the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk

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This article explains how to use the the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk on either Windows or Linux.
  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Identify the subscription (website), or create a new subscription, you'd like to install WordPress on by going to Subscriptions on the left-side menu

  3. On the Websites & Domains tab select WordPress from the menu on the right side of the screen


    4. On the WordPress Installations screen and on the Instances tab select Install


    5.Once you select install select Install (Quick)

    6. When installing WordPress using the Toolkit you can see the following

    7. After WordPress is installed you will be given the option to Install Plugins or simply be taken back to the WordPress Instances Screen by selecting No, thanks

ceeec152bb8659476c559f4e54e4df66f5c4dc7f?t=4812a8e751e7e0fcfb272aeeb5ef0cfb 8. You have successfully installed WordPress using the WordPress Toolkit

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