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Netcetera Domain module manual

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1. Sign up for our Domain Reseller account at
2.Once we have accepted your order, you can follow the below steps.

A) Installing the WHMCS module.
1.Download the WHMCS module via your client area, under Domains, Reseller Area, Settings.
2.Unpack the .zip file to your computer and copy the folder netcetera to your WHMCS folder ROOTDIR/modules/registrars
3.Within your own WHMCS go to Setup → Product/Services → Domain Registrars and find netcetera, click on Activate, fill in the required details (they can be found within your client area, under Domains, Reseller Area,Settings.

B) Configuration
1. After successful installation then  you need to configure your domain TLD to use netcetera domain module.
2. Within your own WHMCS go to Setup → Products/Services → Domains Pricing.
3.Select netcetera as the domain registrar for each TLD you wish to sell using netcetera as the registrar.
4.Press save changes.

That's it! you are now ready to sell domains!

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